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Castle rock, Colorado

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This year, Reece and his family have been busy trying to locate a new home that will help them navigate Reece more easily throughout the house without having to carry him up and down stairs. At six years old, he is growing bigger every year. They have found a new home in the Plum Creek area of Castle Rock, Colorado, and will be moving soon. 

In late March, early April, Reece's health was compromised with a bout of RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) which in infants and toddlers can produce severe pulmonary diseases, including bronchiolitis (inflammation of the terminal airways which produces wheezing) and pneumonia (infection of these terminal airways). In Reece's condition, it could have been devastating to him since his lung capacity is so diminished from the SMA.

Reece's doctor told his family he may have to spend 4-6 weeks in the hospital but Reece, being the trooper he is, only stayed for less than a couple of weeks and then came home on oxygen. After being home, it took less than a week to wean him off the oxygen and he is doing well at this point.

Thanks to those who helped support the Rubino Family during this difficult time!

After successfully dealing with legal issues in order to get the education that the "No Child Left Behind" act was setup for, Reece is currently busy with school. He attends a virtual kindergarten in which he can participate via Skype on his computer. He absolutely loves to read and write and has been able to contribute to a book that he and his classmates put together called "What We Want To Be When We Grow Up!" Reece came up with the concept and wrote most of the script and drew the pictures on the pages below. At six years old, he is right on target for a kindergartner and will be going into the first grade next fall! Though it may be more difficult for Reece to accomplish and complete his school work than other children in his class, he has not let his physical condition stop him from learning. He is a bright and loving little boy who deserves the right to learn along with every other child his age. Awesome pictures!!